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How old is ESLinsider?

Work on ESLinsider's videos started in 2009 when I purchased the url and the site has been online consistently since 2011. Work on the courses began in 2013.

Who created ESLinsider?

Ian Leahy. If you have any questions you can contact me here.

What is ESLinsider?

The introduction to this video will show you.

ESLinsider is a how-to guide for teaching English in Asia. You will find how-to videos, courses and an in-depth blog on teaching English in Asia (Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan). Video tutorials are short and simple and show you what to do in the classroom. These videos were filmed in classrooms in South Korea and Taiwan.

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Is ESLinsider a scam?

Someone (likely the troll mentioned in the video below) asked the question on Quora, Is ESLinsider legit or a scam? So here I picked out 2 comments that were hidden under my answer. After the troll asked this question I emailed people who have taken ESLinsider's courses and some of them left comments and answers.

Karolina Bober
July 29, 2020

I had to add my comment again, it has been deleted.

But as I said before, Ian's course is100% legit. I bought it last year and still use it, Ian has always been extremely helpful and insightful, sharing his vast knowledge and experience. I haven't tried aby other TEFL courses, so I can't really compare, but I can say that Ian's course is really useful, not just theory, not like read, pass some test and forget. I actually learned a lot, since I had to also submit lesson plans etc.

For sure it's not a scam, I have no idea why would anybody think like this. You pay for the course and you get great content, reviews and help from very responsive creator. What's more, Ian keeps updating his course, so once you make purchase you keep getting some extras later.

Couldn't recommend more, it's sad that somebody has an imaginary problem with it. Keep the vibes positive, people.

Kelli Sullivan
July 23, 2020

This is a completely legit course and worth every penny I paid when I completed the course in 2019. It actually makes me sad to see the reviews on here that are not from people who actually took the course. This course was well planned by someone who actually teaches and knows what is needed to be successful. The course not only how provided how to teach English to students in a thorough and concise manner but also what to expect traveling to another country and interacting with other cultures. I found this part fascinating and exciting. He also spent a section on getting a job and how to avoid trouble.

The owner of the course provided lengthy and detailed feedback to all of the lesson plans I created. His video examples are real examples, not just paragraphs of reading and underlining nouns and verbs... Read more

If you are searching for "ESLinsider reviews" then chances are you're going find some reviews written by the troll/fraud mentioned in this video

More on the person behind TEFL online pro and "Trusted" TEFL reviews. Those sites are owned by a scam artist creating fake id's, fake reviews, fake comments, fake awards, fake accreditations, etc. 

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