Who is “ESLinsider”?

Mr. Ian Leahy claims to have studied art. Upon scouring the internet, it seems there is very little about his qualifications. In fact it is even suspect if he holds a basic bachelor degree. He doesn’t seem to hold any sort of Teaching certification (well, maybe his own ESLinsider certificate) or background in Linguistics or related fields. It appears he isn’t qualified to teach in his home country, and quite possibly in other destinations abroad. For someone claiming to be a pinnacle and guiding beacon, it’s surprising he has absolutely no credentials listed besides teaching in 3 places.

Studied art and is now a self proclaimed ESL “expert” living in San Francisco. 

More of Ian Leahy’s professional work about himself.

Ian read the famous 4 hour work week book by Tim Ferris and decided he hated teaching. He wanted to “join the new rich”. Apparently sleeping in crappy motels, floors of dormitories and being unsatisfied with a TEFL he completed are what qualifies him as a TEFL provider. Plus his desire to live the 4 hour work week and become rich. You can’t make this stuff up:

ESL Insider’s motivation behind spamming the net with his “best online TEFL”.

Besides railing against practices he seems to adopt freely, ESL Insider also rails against any form of external moderation and accreditation. While there is no true central body for TEFL accreditation, having an external independent body checking employee credentials, course material, educational backgrounds of tutors and providing moderation is a great thing to have. Any quality TEFL course will spend the time and resources required to ensure content is up to a basic standard. Any TEFL that has NO accreditation is suspect. It’s likely these TEFLs fail accreditation attempts due to a lack of qualifications, subpar content, a course structure that misses key TEFL areas and the likes thereof.

ESL Insider’s attempt to justify why he cannot get accreditation in any form for his “TEFL Course”

Finally, on a more disturbing note it appears ESL insider holds some rather racist views on Asian people and his perceived “superiority”. While he has since edited the article when some of the wacked out self indulgent ideas were stronger, it’s still shocking that a person like this taught English in Asian countries. He goes as far as trying to use an attraction for Asian woman as a marketing ploy for his “unaccredited TEFL course”.

An excerpt from another trashy Jerry Springeresque piece by Mr. Leahy.

Asian women as a marketing ploy.

When emailed with multiple requests about his credentials, Mr. Leahy opted to stay silent.



When emailed with multiple requests about his credentials, Mr. Leahy opted to stay silent.

It appears Mr. Leahy went abroad to Asia for a couple years to teach English in cram schools. He has zero professional training or credentials in the ESL field. He tries to earn a living through Youtube advertising but that failed since the majority of his videos have few views. He then decided to peddle an amateur online TEFL course to try and make some bucks through his blog, ESLinsider. Besides insane amounts of Spam, how does Mr. Leahy attract naive would be teachers? By offering a “free tefl course”.  Here’s what he really means.