While the quality of his “online TEFL course” is questionable, Mr. Leahy’s SEO, link farming and spamming skills are top notch. He deserves kudos for how much spam he has spread around the internet under the guise of non-commercial intent. Ethics and morals aside of course. Some people are getting fedup with it, but Leahy is persistent in his grasp for wealth.

ESL Insider lashing back when a Reddit user politely points out his spam.

Mr Leahy starts by throwing up emotionally loaded factually light articles on his blog. He then seeks out posts on Reddit and Quora where potential customers are innocently seeking out info about teaching abroad, qualifications required, unbiased advice and the likes. He has a few basic cut and paste templates he modifies for each “response”. The template will include a few back-links to his blog (these back-links trick Google into believing his blog is more important than it really is). He paints his posts in a non commercial unbiased light, but every single link leads to his blog posts. Every single blog post includes large headers, footers and callouts peddling his courses.

ESL Insider’s spam response to a TEFL course query on Quora.

ESL Insider bashing any other answer besides his own Spam and shameless self promotion.

ESLinsider also thrives off of bashing competitors. He will write articles bashing every TEFL provider under the sun (except for his of course) for whatever reason he can dream up of. He actively seeks out potential customers asking for unbiased information on a specific TEFL. His template is posted with 4-5 links to his blog which again goes right into promoting his TEFL course. When people search for information on an established TEFL, ESLinsiders vitriol is right there. Mr Leahy trying to poach a few unsuspecting people into considering his unaccredited “TEFL” for only $399.

ESL Insider’s TEFL course bashing; second only to spamming.

Mr Leahy does so much more than this though. To make his spammy links going to his sales website look more important to Google, he actually references his own posts on other community based platforms. For example; he will post a list of his articles on Quora. He will then go to Reddit and post links to his own answers on Quora. This is an old but effective technique that fools Google as well as users into believing his blog has more authority than it actually does.

Mr Leahy should have offered a course on SEO and Spam tactics instead of TEFL. He has much more experience and credibility to back it up.

Now the question is how many courses does Mr. Leahy sell? He claims he has sold over 3000. Let’s hope he hasn’t scammed that many people and see what we can find out.