No Reviews

Mr Leahy has demonstrates odd logic. All TEFL courses are scams. Except his own. All recruiters rip you off. But he won’t. Marketing is bad. But his spamming of free community spaces and marketing isn’t. All reviews are fake. Except the ones on his own website.

ESLinsider claims to have peddled over 3000 courses.

Mr. Leahy at his finest.

That is impressive, considering the lack of accreditation, and lack of any external validation besides some bloggers paid to promote him.

He claims external reviews (reviews on websites which are independent) are all fake. He writes articles and creates videos on how fake reviews can be created.

ESL Insider’s excuse for not having any real reviews.

Mr Leahy only has curated “reviews” on his own website. It’s suspicious that it’s almost impossible to find any reviews for Mr Leahy’s course on a site he doesn’t control. Not Facebook, not Google, not on major 3rd party sites like TEFL Course Review, GoAbroad, GoOverseas, Trust Pilot etc. Apparently none of his “3000” customers decided to share their experience anywhere but on his own website. He claims he can control reviews and this validates his course. ESL Insider could teach every company in existence this control of customer feedback and he’d get much richer much quicker.

Every TEFL company he tries to smear has reviews, both positive and negative. Companies cannot change or force customers to leave reviews or not to leave reviews. This could be considered fraud. If you go on 3rd party websites like Google or course review sites, you’ll find Premier TEFL reviews, MyTEFL reviews, i to i TEFL reviews, Learn TEFL reviews, Uni Prep reviews and many more. You will not find ESL Insider TEFL reviews.


Buyer beware. ESL Insider has no credentials to provide a TEFL course aside from his hunger to make quick and easy bucks off unsuspecting victims. His course cannot be authenticated as is legally required for destinations including China. No accrediting or moderation body will touch his “course”. There seem to be no real student reviews of his course anywhere besides some fake ones on his own website. He puts out vast amounts of spam on a daily basis to get money from his marks. His “free course” is in fact something he wants $399 for (oh, it’s free for 5 whole days).

Dishonesty, greed, spam and deception are the modus operandi of a 2 bit hustler. ESL Insider, you’d be better off trying to make an honest living rather than scamming thousands of innocent people who are looking for guidance and a quality TEFL. Take a look inside yourself and do the right thing. Stop harming people for a quick buck. The American Dream does not have to come at the expense of innocent people.