Free TEFL Scam

Free Course

After Youtube and Google Ads revenue failure, Mr. Leahy decided to start using his blog to peddle some Frankenstein version of a TEFL. He didn’t want to pay for advertising like other companies. Placing ads in appropriate channels and venues is against ESLinsider’s business logic. He prefers to spam in places where people are trying to gain legitimate information. It’s free, and he doesn’t have competition. Not many companies will stoop to the sheer amounts of spam that ESLisnider has done. It’s misleading and unethical .

To boost his spam efforts he claims to provide a TEFL course “absolutely free of charge”. That sounds great! Maybe this person really does care about community, and is trying to provide some value to a reader (very questionable value). He also uses affiliate marketing (something he bashes all over Reddit and Quora) to promote his “free course” via another blogger. At least Mr. Leahy decided to pay for some of his marketing efforts. I wonder how much it cost.

Note his Youtube video claiming to “review” two Groupon TEFL courses. Guess what his “review” (it’s doubtful he ever enrolled in these courses) is going to say?

Now let’s click the Navigate to the “free TEFL course” page and this is what we find.


Semi impressive marketing content. It’s more impressive considering Mr. Leahy has sworn off all TEFL’s as scams. Each course has a Paypal checkout logo. Maybe Mr. Leahy is providing free courses and asking people to donate if they feel like it?


I guess not. $399 would be an extremely hefty donation to make. Mr. Leahy, why $399 for an unaccredited potentially quasi legal “free course”? Sounds like an online TEFL scam, and not the “free course” we’re looking for.

It’s got to be there so let’s keep looking.


There it is. The basic course is free for 5 days. It can then be extended for: 89.

89 what? We’ll assume dollars unless Mr. Leahy can clarify for us. 89 spammy links? 89 likes on a crummy Youtube video?

There is no indication how long the course is, what “long term access” means, or even what you can expect to learn. His “advanced course” racks in at an impressive $209.

You might be hoping the half baked website and false advertising isn’t a reflection of the quality of this “TEFL Course”……. pass the reefer over here ESL Insider. Looks like the 4 hour work week isn’t focusing on quality.

ESLinsider promotes his “free TEFL course” using affiliates (paying a blogger to promote your product). The problem is it isn’t free, and calling it a “TEFL” is questionable at best. How does he sell “3000 courses” as he claims? The answer lies in an old technique known as link farming aka spam. Let’s see how Mr. Leahy spams the net to get free advertising for his “free course”.